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Atlético Madrid


Squad size: 23
Average age: 27,9
 Foreign players: 15
Current international players: 16
Stadium: Estadio Metropolitano de Madrid 68.000 Seats
Current transfer record: -33,00 Mill.
Foundation:  26-Apr-03


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Atlético Madrid

#PlayerClubPositionMarket value
1espMiguel Ángel MoyàAtlético MadridKeeper2,00 Mill.  
2uruespDiego GodínAtlético MadridCentre-Back35,00 Mill.  
3braitaFilipe LuísAtlético MadridLeft-Back18,00 Mill.  
5ghaThomasAtlético MadridDefensive Midfield8,00 Mill.  
6espKokeAtlético MadridCentral Midfield70,00 Mill.  
7fraAntoine GriezmannAtlético MadridCentre-Forward100,00 Mill.  
8espSaúl ÑíguezAtlético MadridCentral Midfield70,00 Mill.  
9espFernando TorresAtlético MadridCentre-Forward4,00 Mill.  
10belYannick CarrascoAtlético MadridLeft Wing40,00 Mill.  
11argÁngel CorreaAtlético MadridRight Wing20,00 Mill.  
13svkJan OblakAtlético MadridKeeper50,00 Mill.  
14espGabiAtlético MadridCentral Midfield3,00 Mill.  
15mneStefan SavicAtlético MadridCentre-Back30,00 Mill.  
16croSime VrsaljkoAtlético MadridRight-Back20,00 Mill.  
18braespDiego CostaAtlético MadridCentre-Forward50,00 Mill.  
19espfraLucas HernándezAtlético MadridCentre-Back20,00 Mill.  
20espJuanfranAtlético MadridRight-Back8,00 Mill.  
21fraKévin GameiroAtlético MadridCentre-Forward20,00 Mill.  
22argNico GaitánAtlético MadridLeft Wing15,00 Mill.  
23espVitoloAtlético MadridRight Wing25,00 Mill.  
24uruespJosé GiménezAtlético MadridCentre-Back35,00 Mill.  
25argAxel WernerAtlético MadridKeeper1,00 Mill.  
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