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1.FSV Mainz 05

Squad size: 29
Average age: 25,7
 Foreign players: 16
Current international players: 6
Stadium: Opel Arena 34.000 Seats
Current transfer record: +5,60 Mill.
Foundation:   16-Mar-05


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1.FSV Mainz 05

#PlayerClubPositionMarket value
1gerRené Adler1.FSV Mainz 05Keeper1,75 Mill.  
2itaGiulio Donati1.FSV Mainz 05Right-Back3,50 Mill.  
3gerngaLeon Balogun1.FSV Mainz 05Centre-Back2,00 Mill.  
4frasenAbdou Diallo1.FSV Mainz 05Centre-Back8,00 Mill.  
5surnedNigel de Jong1.FSV Mainz 05Defensive Midfield1,00 Mill.  
6gerDanny Latza1.FSV Mainz 05Central Midfield5,00 Mill.  
7sweghaRobin Quaison1.FSV Mainz 05Attacking Midfield2,00 Mill.  
8turgerLevin Öztunali1.FSV Mainz 05Right Wing6,50 Mill.  
9jpnYoshinori Muto1.FSV Mainz 05Centre-Forward4,50 Mill.  
10rouAlexandru Maxim1.FSV Mainz 05Attacking Midfield2,50 Mill.  
11dencroEmil Berggreen1.FSV Mainz 05Centre-Forward1,50 Mill.  
13gercroMarin Sverko1.FSV Mainz 05Left-Back125 Th.  
16gerStefan Bell1.FSV Mainz 05Centre-Back6,00 Mill.  
18gerDaniel Brosinski1.FSV Mainz 05Right-Back2,50 Mill.  
20ngaAnthony Ujah1.FSV Mainz 05Centre-Forward3,00 Mill.  
21autKarim Onisiwo1.FSV Mainz 05Right Wing1,00 Mill.  
22gerFlorian Müller1.FSV Mainz 05Keeper225 Th.  
23turgerSuat Serdar1.FSV Mainz 05Central Midfield3,00 Mill.  
25fracivJean-Philippe Gbamin1.FSV Mainz 05Defensive Midfield8,00 Mill.  
26gerNiko Bungert1.FSV Mainz 05Centre-Back1,00 Mill.  
27gerRobin Zentner1.FSV Mainz 05Keeper600 Th.  
32argPablo de Blasis1.FSV Mainz 05Left Wing3,00 Mill.  
38gerGerrit Holtmann1.FSV Mainz 05Left Wing1,50 Mill.  
42gerAlexander Hack1.FSV Mainz 05Centre-Back1,50 Mill.  
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