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Bayer 04 Leverkusen

Squad size: 24
Average age: 25,1
 Foreign players: 11
Current international players: 11
Stadium: BayArena 30.210 Seats
Current transfer record: +25,80 Mill.
Foundation:   1-Jul-04


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Bayer 04 Leverkusen

#PlayerClubPositionMarket value
1gerBernd LenoBayer 04 LeverkusenKeeper14,00 Mill.  
3grePanagiotis RetsosBayer 04 LeverkusenCentre-Back18,00 Mill.  
4gerJonathan TahBayer 04 LeverkusenCentre-Back25,00 Mill.  
5gerSven BenderBayer 04 LeverkusenCentre-Back12,00 Mill.  
8gerLars BenderBayer 04 LeverkusenDefensive Midfield11,00 Mill.  
9jamLeon BaileyBayer 04 LeverkusenLeft Wing28,00 Mill.  
10gerJulian BrandtBayer 04 LeverkusenLeft Wing30,00 Mill.  
11gerStefan KießlingBayer 04 LeverkusenCentre-Forward1,00 Mill.  
13argitaLucas AlarioBayer 04 LeverkusenCentre-Forward20,00 Mill.  
15autJulian BaumgartlingerBayer 04 LeverkusenDefensive Midfield3,50 Mill.  
16croTin JedvajBayer 04 LeverkusenCentre-Back5,00 Mill.  
17finJoel PohjanpaloBayer 04 LeverkusenCentre-Forward1,50 Mill.  
18braWendellBayer 04 LeverkusenLeft-Back14,00 Mill.  
20chiCharles AránguizBayer 04 LeverkusenCentral Midfield10,00 Mill.  
21gerDominik KohrBayer 04 LeverkusenCentral Midfield4,50 Mill.  
22ukrVladlen YurchenkoBayer 04 LeverkusenCentral Midfield350 Th.  
28autRamazan ÖzcanBayer 04 LeverkusenKeeper500 Th.  
29gerKai HavertzBayer 04 LeverkusenAttacking Midfield18,00 Mill.  
31gerKevin VollandBayer 04 LeverkusenCentre-Forward20,00 Mill.  
36gerNiklas LombBayer 04 LeverkusenKeeper250 Th.  
37gerMarlon FreyBayer 04 LeverkusenDefensive Midfield300 Th.  
38germarKarim BellarabiBayer 04 LeverkusenRight Wing14,00 Mill.  
39gerghaBenjamin HenrichsBayer 04 LeverkusenRight-Back12,00 Mill.  
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