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FC Augsburg

Squad size: 32
Average age: 26,4
 Foreign players: 16
Current international players: 10
Stadium: WWK ARENA 30.660 Seats
Current transfer record: -1,05 Mill.
Foundation:   8-Aug-07


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FC Augsburg

#PlayerClubPositionMarket value
1gerAndreas LutheFC AugsburgKeeper500 Th.  
4ghaDaniel OpareFC AugsburgRight-Back2,50 Mill.  
6nedJeffrey GouweleeuwFC AugsburgCentre-Back6,00 Mill.  
7gerMarcel HellerFC AugsburgRight Wing1,25 Mill.  
8gertunRani KhediraFC AugsburgDefensive Midfield2,50 Mill.  
9usagerShawn ParkerFC AugsburgCentre-Forward200 Th.  
10gerDaniel BaierFC AugsburgDefensive Midfield1,50 Mill.  
11autMichael GregoritschFC AugsburgSecondary Striker9,00 Mill.  
13gerFabian GieferFC AugsburgKeeper350 Th.  
14czeJan MorávekFC AugsburgCentral Midfield750 Th.  
16gerChristoph JankerFC AugsburgCentre-Back200 Th.  
17fraJonathan SchmidFC AugsburgRight Wing2,50 Mill.  
19korJa-Cheol KooFC AugsburgAttacking Midfield3,50 Mill.  
20srbGojko KacarFC AugsburgDefensive Midfield800 Th.  
21venSergio CórdovaFC AugsburgRight Wing1,00 Mill.  
23gerMarco RichterFC AugsburgSecondary Striker200 Th.  
24gregerIoannis GeliosFC AugsburgKeeper100 Th.  
25gerKilian JakobFC AugsburgLeft-Back200 Th.  
27islAlfred FinnbogasonFC AugsburgCentre-Forward6,00 Mill.  
30braCaiubyFC AugsburgLeft Wing3,00 Mill.  
31gerPhilipp MaxFC AugsburgLeft-Back10,00 Mill.  
32gerRaphael FrambergerFC AugsburgRight-Back750 Th.  
35swzMarwin HitzFC AugsburgKeeper4,00 Mill.  
36autMartin HintereggerFC AugsburgCentre-Back9,00 Mill.  
38autghaKevin DansoFC AugsburgCentre-Back3,00 Mill.  
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