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FC Bari 1908

Squad size: 32
Average age: 27,4
 Foreign players: 10
Current international players: 2
Stadium: San Nicola 58.270 Seats
Current transfer record: +750 Th
Foundation: 15-Jan-08


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Serie B

FC Bari 1908

#PlayerClubPositionMarket value
1itaAlessandro BerardiFC Bari 1908Keeper£90k  
4itaStefano SabelliFC Bari 1908Right-Back£1.35m  
5greMarios OikonomouFC Bari 1908Centre-Back£1.35m  
6itaSalvatore D’EliaFC Bari 1908Left-Back£450k  
7itaJacopo PetriccioneFC Bari 1908Defensive Midfield£360k  
8suialbMigjen BashaFC Bari 1908Defensive Midfield£585k  
9czeLibor Koz?kFC Bari 1908Centre-Forward£450k  
10itaFranco BrienzaFC Bari 1908Attacking Midfield£225k  
11itaCristian GalanoFC Bari 1908Right Wing£1.53m  
12itaAlessandro MicaiFC Bari 1908Keeper£495k  
13jamnedDjavan AndersonFC Bari 1908Right-Back£225k  
14scoLiam HendersonFC Bari 1908Central Midfield£540k  
15itaMattia CassaniFC Bari 1908Right-Back£135k  
16itaRiccardo ImprotaFC Bari 1908Left Wing£990k  
17itaLuca MarroneFC Bari 1908Defensive Midfield£1.62m  
18itaguiKaramoko CisséFC Bari 1908Centre-Forward£450k  
19svnJure BalkovecFC Bari 1908Left-Back£450k  
20itaAniello SalzanoFC Bari 1908Central Midfield£270k  
21colAndrés TelloFC Bari 1908Central Midfield£1.35m  
22itaVictor De LuciaFC Bari 1908Keeper£90k  
23itaSimone IocolanoFC Bari 1908Left Wing£405k  
24itaAntonio Floro FloresFC Bari 1908Centre-Forward£360k  
25itaArchimede MorleoFC Bari 1908Left-Back£180k  
27braNenêFC Bari 1908Centre-Forward£135k  
29argFederico AndradaFC Bari 1908Centre-Forward£1.62m  
30fraModibo DiakitéFC Bari 1908Centre-Back£270k  
31itaMassimiliano BusellatoFC Bari 1908Central Midfield£720k  
32svkNorbert Gy?mbérFC Bari 1908Centre-Back£900k  
33braAlan EmpereurFC Bari 1908Centre-Back£225k  
34itaEmanuele ContiFC Bari 1908Keeper£68k  
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