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Hertha BSC

Squad size: 29
Average age: 25.5
 Foreign players: 14
Current international players: 11
Stadium: Olympiastadion Berlin 74.649 Seats
Current transfer record: +3,00 Mill.
Foundation:   Jul 25, 1892


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Away Kit
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Hertha BSC

#PlayerClubPositionMarket value
1gerThomas KraftHertha BSCKeeper1,00 Mill.  
2svkPeter PekaríkHertha BSCRight-Back1,75 Mill.  
3norPer Ciljan SkjelbredHertha BSCCentral Midfield4,00 Mill.  
4nedtunKarim RekikHertha BSCCentre-Back7,50 Mill.  
5gerNiklas StarkHertha BSCCentre-Back12,00 Mill.  
6cheVladimír DaridaHertha BSCCentral Midfield8,00 Mill.  
7gerAlexander EssweinHertha BSCRight Wing2,50 Mill.  
8civSalomon KalouHertha BSCLeft Wing3,50 Mill.  
10svkOndrej DudaHertha BSCAttacking Midfield3,50 Mill.  
11ausMathew LeckieHertha BSCRight Wing4,00 Mill.  
16gerJulian SchieberHertha BSCCentre-Forward1,00 Mill.  
17gerMaximilian MittelstädtHertha BSCLeft-Back1,50 Mill.  
18turgerSinan KurtHertha BSCLeft Wing200 Th.  
19usabihVedad IbisevicHertha BSCCentre-Forward2,50 Mill.  
20autValentino LazaroHertha BSCRight Wing5,00 Mill.  
21gerMarvin PlattenhardtHertha BSCLeft-Back9,00 Mill.  
22norRune JarsteinHertha BSCKeeper2,50 Mill.  
23gerMitchell WeiserHertha BSCRight-Back12,00 Mill.  
25gerngaJordan TorunarighaHertha BSCCentre-Back1,00 Mill.  
26gerArne MaierHertha BSCDefensive Midfield2,50 Mill.  
27gerethDavie SelkeHertha BSCCentre-Forward8,00 Mill.  
28swzFabian LustenbergerHertha BSCDefensive Midfield2,50 Mill.  
29gerFlorian BaakHertha BSCCentre-Back150 Th.  
30gerJulius KadeHertha BSCAttacking Midfield150 Th.  
32hungerPalko DárdaiHertha BSCRight Wing200 Th.  
33usagerJonathan KlinsmannHertha BSCKeeper150 Th.  
35gerSidney FriedeHertha BSCCentral Midfield25 Th.  
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