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SC Freiburg

Squad size: 33
Average age: 25,8
 Foreign players: 12
Current international players: 3
Stadium: Schwarzwald-Stadion 24.000 Seats
Current transfer record: +6,50 Mill.
Foundation:   30-May-04


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SC Freiburg

#PlayerClubPositionMarket value
1gerAlexander SchwolowSC FreiburgKeeper4,00 Mill.  
2srbAleksandar IgnjovskiSC FreiburgRight-Back1,00 Mill.  
3autPhilipp LienhartSC FreiburgCentre-Back3,00 Mill.  
4turCaglar SöyüncüSC FreiburgCentre-Back9,00 Mill.  
5gerManuel GuldeSC FreiburgCentre-Back2,00 Mill.  
6albswzAmir AbrashiSC FreiburgDefensive Midfield2,00 Mill.  
7gerFlorian NiederlechnerSC FreiburgCentre-Forward4,50 Mill.  
8deuMike FrantzSC FreiburgCentral Midfield2,00 Mill.  
9gerLucas HölerSC FreiburgCentre-Forward1,50 Mill.  
13itagerMarco TerrazzinoSC FreiburgLeft Wing3,00 Mill.  
14gerPatrick KammerbauerSC FreiburgDefensive Midfield700 Th.  
15gerPascal StenzelSC FreiburgRight-Back4,00 Mill.  
16fraYoric RavetSC FreiburgRight Wing3,75 Mill.  
17gerLukas KüblerSC FreiburgRight-Back1,00 Mill.  
18gerNils PetersenSC FreiburgCentre-Forward5,00 Mill.  
19Janik HabererSC FreiburgAttacking Midfield5,00 Mill.  
20gerMarc-Oliver KempfSC FreiburgCentre-Back4,00 Mill.  
21gerPatric KlandtSC FreiburgKeeper200 Th.  
22swzVincent SierroSC FreiburgCentral Midfield1,00 Mill.  
23gerJulian SchusterSC FreiburgDefensive Midfield500 Th.  
24gerGeorg NiedermeierSC FreiburgCentre-Back500 Th.  
25gerRobin KochSC FreiburgCentre-Back4,00 Mill.  
26fraGaëtan BussmannSC FreiburgLeft-Back1,00 Mill.  
27gerNicolas HöflerSC FreiburgDefensive Midfield3,50 Mill.  
28gerJonas MeffertSC FreiburgDefensive Midfield500 Th.  
30gerChristian GünterSC FreiburgLeft-Back3,50 Mill.  
31svktogKarim GuédéSC FreiburgCentre-Forward300 Th.  
32polBartosz KapustkaSC FreiburgAttacking Midfield4,00 Mill.  
33usapolCaleb StankoSC FreiburgDefensive Midfield500 Th.  
34gerTim KleindienstSC FreiburgCentre-Forward1,25 Mill.  
38gerFlorian KathSC FreiburgLeft Wing500 Th.  
40gertunMohamed DrägerSC FreiburgRight Wing100 Th.  
44polRafal GikiewiczSC FreiburgKeeper600 Th.  
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