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US Sassuolo

Squad size: 27
Average age: 25,9
 Foreign players: 4
Current international players: 2
Stadium: Mapei Stadium – Città del Tricolore 21.584 Seats
Current transfer record: -3,15 Mill.
Foundation: 17-Jul-20


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Serie A

US Sassuolo

#PlayerClubPositionMarket value
4itaFrancesco MagnanelliUS SassuoloDefensive Midfield£900k  
5uruMauricio LemosUS SassuoloCentre-Back£5.40m  
6itaLuca MazzitelliUS SassuoloCentral Midfield£1.71m  
7itaSimone MissiroliUS SassuoloCentral Midfield£2.70m  
8itaDavide BiondiniUS SassuoloCentral Midfield£180k  
10itaAlessandro MatriUS SassuoloCentre-Forward£630k  
12itaStefano SensiUS SassuoloDefensive Midfield£3.60m  
13itaFederico PelusoUS SassuoloLeft-Back£720k  
15itaFrancesco AcerbiUS SassuoloCentre-Back£9.00m  
16itaMatteo PolitanoUS SassuoloRight Wing£7.65m  
17itaNicholas PieriniUS SassuoloLeft Wing£360k  
21espPol LirolaUS SassuoloRight-Back£4.50m  
22itaDavide FrattesiUS SassuoloCentral Midfield£900k  
24itaEdoardo GoldanigaUS SassuoloCentre-Back£2.70m  
25itaDomenico BerardiUS SassuoloRight Wing£20.70m  
26braRogérioUS SassuoloLeft-Back£810k  
29itaFrancesco CassataUS SassuoloCentral Midfield£3.15m  
30senKhouma BabacarUS SassuoloCentre-Forward£8.10m  
32itaghaAlfred DuncanUS SassuoloCentral Midfield£8.10m  
39itaCristian Dell’OrcoUS SassuoloLeft-Back£900k  
47itaAndrea ConsigliUS SassuoloKeeper£6.30m  
55nedTimo LetschertUS SassuoloCentre-Back£2.25m  
70itaLeonardo MarsonUS SassuoloKeeper£180k  
77itaGianluca PegoloUS SassuoloKeeper£180k  
90itaAntonino RagusaUS SassuoloLeft Wing£1.62m  
98itaghaClaud AdjapongUS SassuoloRight-Back£2.25m  
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