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VfL Wolfsburg

Squad size: 30
Average age: 24,1
 Foreign players: 17
Current international players: 7
Stadium: Volkswagen Arena 30.000 Seats
Current transfer record: -23,50 Mill
Foundation:   12-Sep-45


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VfL Wolfsburg

#PlayerClubPositionMarket value
1Koen CasteelsVfL WolfsburgKeeper3,00 Mill.  
2WilliamVfL WolfsburgRight-Back4,00 Mill.  
3Paul VerhaeghVfL WolfsburgRight-Back1,00 Mill.  
4Ignacio CamachoVfL WolfsburgDefensive Midfield12,50 Mill.  
5Jeffrey BrumaVfL WolfsburgCentre-Back8,00 Mill.  
6Riechedly BazoerVfL WolfsburgDefensive Midfield6,00 Mill.  
8Renato SteffenVfL WolfsburgRight Midfield3,50 Mill.  
9Landry DimataVfL WolfsburgCentre-Forward8,00 Mill.  
10Yunus MalliVfL WolfsburgAttacking Midfield12,00 Mill.  
11Daniel DidaviVfL WolfsburgAttacking Midfield7,00 Mill.  
13Yannick GerhardtVfL WolfsburgCentral Midfield8,00 Mill.  
14Divock OrigiVfL WolfsburgCentre-Forward12,00 Mill.  
16Jakub BlaszczykowskiVfL WolfsburgRight Midfield2,00 Mill.  
17Ohis Felix UduokhaiVfL WolfsburgCentre-Back5,00 Mill.  
18Victor OsimhenVfL WolfsburgCentre-Forward1,00 Mill.  
20Max GrünVfL WolfsburgKeeper250 Th.  
21Josip BrekaloVfL WolfsburgLeft Wing3,50 Mill.  
22Admir MehmediVfL WolfsburgSecondary Striker3,50 Mill.  
23Josuha GuilavoguiVfL WolfsburgDefensive Midfield8,00 Mill.  
24Sebastian JungVfL WolfsburgRight-Back1,00 Mill.  
25John Anthony BrooksVfL WolfsburgCentre-Back14,00 Mill.  
26Justin MöbiusVfL WolfsburgAttacking Midfield200 Th.  
27Maximilian ArnoldVfL WolfsburgCentral Midfield12,00 Mill.  
29Marcel TisserandVfL WolfsburgCentre-Back7,50 Mill.  
31Robin KnocheVfL WolfsburgCentre-Back3,50 Mill.  
35Gian-Luca ItterVfL WolfsburgLeft-Back2,00 Mill.  
36Phillip MenzelVfL WolfsburgKeeper150 Th.  
37Elvis RexhbecajVfL WolfsburgDefensive Midfield200 Th.  
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