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Cahill gives his opinion about Chelsea’s future manager

With Antonio Conte’s future at Chelsea in great doubt, it should feel like a roller-coaster for their players.

Managers come and change tactics and formations as well as players and that creates dilemmas.

Gary Cahill had praise to give towards the current manager at Chelsea but refused to comment on his future.

The Englishman said: “What will be, will be this summer. As players we have no say over that. He’s been good for me. I’ve taken things from him like I have the rest of the managers. I’ve enjoyed the success we’ve had together. He’s been great.

“It’s difficult because you’ve seen the speculation for so many months now, but the only aim for us was to finish the season very well and win the cup, and we did that. Two major trophies with the manager up to now, it’s been good.”

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